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Hey there! I love working with families and couples. Wanting to be outdoors just comes natural to me so you'll find most of my work done outside in natural light, but please don't hesitate to reach out if you want to take things inside. I've been really excited about shooting indoor sessions, especially in-home sessions.  Wherever we shoot, my main goal is to get to know you a bit and show your personality in the images we create. I want you and your partner or family to feel comfortable being yourselves and I'll definitely help with that. 

I'm not afraid to make myself look silly by doing a little dance when I get a good shot or by bringing out my 5 year old humor to get a reaction from your kiddos... or your partner. I want to create memories for you. I want to get up close and personal and make our time together less about where we are at and more about you. I want our time together to feel like a day out with a friend and not like a photoshoot. Photoshoots can be intimidating and I will do anything I can to make you as comfortable as possible. Maybe a little music might help? We can do that too!  I hope to hear from you soon. 



what to expect 


once we book 

Ok, so you have looked at my website, started following my on Instagram @robertarroyophoto, and you decided to book a shoot. Now what? Now we start thinking of where we want to shoot. Do you know of a place that means something to you? I'm always open to fresh ideas. I can also throw out a few ideas of my own that I think you might like. Either way, don't feel like need to shoot where I suggest. Also, if you have questions on what to wear because you really have no idea.. You can ask me too. Honestly though, I think you're good here. All of my couples have been so far. 

why do i shoot lifestlye sessions at sunrise or sunset? 

This part... this is the part that is important to me. I've been shooting sessions for a couple of years now and if there's one lesson I've learned, it's that light makes all the difference. I used to book sessions whenever was the most convenient for everyone, but i know now that the best, most flattering light comes at around sunrise or sunset. It may not be the most convenient time sometimes, but once you get your photos, you'll be glad you made that sacrifice. Plus, who doesn't like watching the sunset? Its a win win and you'll thank me for it. 

How long is the shoot?

My typical session is booked for one hour. I tend to use up the entire hour, but we don't shoot every single minute. That would be exhausting for everyone. I do, however, take some time to chat with you, get to know you a bit and get your kids to feel comfortable too. I'll change a lens here and there, give you time to chat with your family, photograph you all laughing from afar and then we'll get back to it. Oh and don't worry, I'll show you a few shots on the back of my camera so you can be sure that everything's going good. I know the process can be intimidating so it's good to ease into it. We'll take our time and make sure everyone is alright. I'm less worried about the amount of shots I get and more about the quality of them. But trust me, you'll get enough good ones. 

Photography is an art of observation... it has little to do with the things you see and everything to do with the way you see them.
— Elliott Erwitt

My kids are having a bad day, i'm so sorry. 

We all know sometimes kids can have rough days. We also know adults can have bad days, too. We're just better at hiding it. I just want to let you know not to worry about it. We're still going to get good shots. We want to let your kids be themselves. We will let them smile when they want to smile and let them be when they don't. The beauty of candid shots is that they don't have to smile all the time and we'll still get some shots you love.  

"we are so awkward at posing" 

I totally understand! I am too! So I have done lots of homework on how to make it less "awkward" for you. If there's a position your in that looks totally rockstar, then yes, I will definitely ask you to hold that for me because why not? However, for the most part, I will guide you through various actions that will make it easy to capture a genuine reaction. Are you feeling me? For instance, "Mom, pick up your daughter and give her a kiss on the cheek... and Dad, put your arm around Mom and tell them both something funny to make them laugh." That's it... That's pretty much how it's going to go. That's not too bad, right? 

The session is over, Now what?

So our time together has ended and it's time to part ways, but you're not done with me yet. Within the next 3 days I'll send you a few edited shots so you can see that everything went well. I'll also post a shot or 2 on my Instagram account. Then, I'll give myself 14 days from the date of our shoot to deliver your online gallery of high resolution edited images, but I'll keep you updated if they're going to be done earlier. There are usually around 50-75 images. You don't have to pay extra for the digital files. Nope, these are included and for you to download and make prints or a photo book and so on. Whatever your heart desires. I'll send you a link via email and once you click the link you'll be able to download your photos either one at a time or the gallery as a whole. You can share your gallery with family and friends too! 

Can I share the images? 

Oh I would love this! If you love your images as much as I will, please feel free to share them on Instagram or Facebook and please don't hesitate to tag or mention me. It lets other people see my work and wouldn't you want them to have great pics of themselves too? Haha. But in all seriousness I would greatly appreciate it. I don't do much marketing so a warm referral goes a long way... and I'll appreciate you for it. 

** I'll definitely be sharing them too. 

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60 minute family session

These family sessions include immediately family members (parents plus kids). I don't typically take on extended/large family sessions. I don't have any experience with extended family shoots and I want to be sure I can provide you photos you'll be proud of. 


60 minute couple/engagement session

These couples sessions are basically like family sessions only with a little more room for adventure. With only 3 adults to take into consideration, I'm up for exploring if you are. A little exploration can lead us to some pretty cool "remote" areas. 




60 minute maternity session

A maternity session can include Mom and Dad or just Mom by herself. It's completely up to you. We could also mix it up. I'm open to whatever will work best for you. 

email me...

wedding or elopement. 

I've shot 3 small wedding ceremonies and I've enjoyed each one. I haven't taken on all of the wedding inquiries i've received, but I'm feeling the need to shoot a wedding again, especially in a smaller, more intimate capacity. If you feel I could be a good match for your special day, please don't hesitate to email me. 



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other Photo sessions? 

Do you have other photo shoot needs? Let me know what they are.  If I feel like I can get you some good shots, I'll probably be open to it. I've shot a senior session before as well as some concerts and sports pics. Just let me know and we'll chat about it. 

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60 minute lesson - how to use your DSLR

I've owned about 5 different DSLR cameras over the past 10 years. And I started shooting in full manual mode after about a year. Manual mode is the best way to have full control over the images you want to create. I've given plenty of tips over the years, but there's nothing like learning one on one. If you're interested in learning how to shoot in manual mode with your DSLR, feel free to reach out. 

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Let's get in touch


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